Welcome Cosmos Circle
16 May 2022

Forty-two years ago, in October, I was born. It was a Monday.

Today is also a Monday.

The 16th of May 2022. The first day of the rest of my life.

More than the completion of years of constant effort, hard work, alone and then gradually in a team, failures, patience, miracles. As destabilising as they are necessary.

This Monday marks the birth of something new, which offers me the incredible opportunity to carry my values high, to share my love of the living world, my special connections to the subtle worlds, to nourish my personal quest.

To offer you a new goldsmith’s art that combines matter and consciousness, visible and invisible, serenity and exaltation. An unprecedented combination, created with the heart and forged with perseverance and determination.

This Monday is a gift for me, as it offers me the opportunity to witness my experience. The experience of intention. The most powerful tool at our disposal. Intention allows us to create anything if we have the will.

To have the courage to overcome the fear of daring and finally to put ourselves out into the world, to celebrate each step, because only we know – in the deep wisdom of our hearts – what we have gone through to get there.

Where there is a will, there is a way.

I dare Cosmos Circle because I sincerely believe that by shining our light, we are offering others to do the same (thanks to Nelson Mandela for his words). Because I have chosen today to make wonder a part of my life.

Because I deeply believe that each of us, by exploring our infinite potential, by reconnecting with the world, by lighting our unique core, have the power to create everything, to change everything, to embody who we really are.

Whoever you are, tall, short, curly, smooth, sporty, geeky, pulled together or in total let go, in the trend and/or deliberately different; whether you like cats, giraffes or dragons, super grounded or totally in the moon; from here or elsewhere, at a turning point in your life or confident in the path you have set for yourself, determined and motivated but only on even days. You are unique.

You are a jewel. You are ready and I am so proud to share this path with you.