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Jewelry marked by respect and kindness

At every stage of the process, Cosmos Circle works to ensure its creations respect the people around us and the world in which we live. This meticulous work takes time, which allows for the jewelry to retain all its purity, so that when it reaches you, it is intact and enriched with all the love that went into creating it.

We cannot claim to create exceptional products if we do so while destroying the planet and unfairly treating the men and women who participate in the production of these products. This includes their working conditions; their remuneration; the preservation of their health and the respect of their dignity.

Cosmos Circle ensures that our pricing is fair and accurately reflects the time dedicated to the making of your bespoke jewelry, the creation of your hand-made glyph, the meticulous process of artisan production and the integrity of the materials used.

Our product is meaningful and shares an important message, we are aware of our cultural footprint, and we infuse incredible energy into our creations. Together, this is what makes Cosmos Circle jewelry so special.

Meaningful makes beautiful

Each piece of Cosmos Circle jewelry is handmade in our atelier, nothing is mass-produced. Our jewelry is made to order just for you, nothing is created in excess.

Each of our pieces is absolutely unique, created with the same love, the same requirement but connected to your unique energies, which makes them exclusive.

The transparency of our craftsmanship is a key value for us. We are proud to share with you every step of the design of your Origin jewel. You will participate in the creation process and you will feel the presence of our team with you as it materializes.

Each of our creations is made with extreme detail, great passion and immoderate care. You benefit from all the love that the material has been the object.

Each of our jewels has its own language, its own history and is adorned with your subtle energies. A privileged and unique link is created between us.

Fairmined gold

From the hand of the miners to yours, fairmined gold tells a story of origin. Artisanal gold mining is carried out by 20 million miners who support more than 100 million people across more than 50 countries in some of the poorest regions of the world. These territories are victims of corruption, human rights abuses, child labour economic exploitation, but also environmental illegalities and health risks. The discharge of mercury, cyanide and other toxic substances causes serious air, soil and water pollution. The technologies are rudimentary and working conditions are often dangerous. Faced with these issues, Fairmined ethical gold is an innovative, positive and promising response. Produced by human-scale artisanal mining communities, held to rigorous environmentally-friendly standards of transparency, social commitment and environmental protection. Cosmos Circle committed to the promotion and use of ethical Fairmined Gold in almost all of our collections, with the goal to progress more to achieve 100% (when it will be technically possible).
Cosmos Circle is Fairmined licensed.

Our Gemstones

Our suppliers bring us ethically-sourced gemstones from Greenland, Zambia, Tanzania and South Africa.
Our diamonds F VS quality are sourced from RJC and Kimberley process certified suppliers.

We will be delighted with fulfilling a special request, your favorite gemstone in one of our Origin jewels or if it makes sense for you, the use of grown lab diamonds.

We wish more than anything that our creations fit your energies, your lifestyle and make you powerful.

A special request must be made via our team at welcome@cosmoscircleparis.com