Inner Light

Reveal your inner light.

Feel connected and balanced with the world around you, so that your inner light can shine.

Cosmos Circle offers you a new experience: This tailor-made bracelet with a personalized Glyph associated with a stone – AURA – reveals your uniqueness, allowing you to connect to your inner power and to the world around you.

Product offering
What makes Cosmos Circle Jewelry stand out from the ordinary, which also make it a novelty to the jewelry market, are the personalized Glyphs which we place into the heart of the gold ring (the Galaxy).
The Glyph of Light is an innovative plate, made from organically-sourced resin and adorned with a symbol engraved in 18-carat fine gold, which is then inserted into the centre of the Galaxy, infusing it with energetic vibration.
The jewel is tailor-made with such precision that it reveals your personal original imprint. Its unique vibration stems from the intention that you assign to it, which allow you to uncover and enjoy its benefits.
Combined with your stone (Aura), it will give your jewel its unique and sacred character.
Matter, the Universe, Time – Space and You, are now One.
The Galaxy of Cosmos Circle jewelry is truly a key to consciousness.
It takes the form of a gold ring, the perfect size, based on ancestral gold (dimensions: 1.6mm), carried by a magnificent 18-carat recycled gold chain. It is a portal for connection between you, Nature and the Cosmos - a unique link to harmony. The Galaxy places itself naturally against your heart Chakra (just above your solar plexus), allowing you to connect to something greater than yourself. The Galaxy on the wrist is worn in conjunction with the heartbeat.
In combination with your Glyph, the Aura (gemstone) illuminates you with a halo of benefits. The colours of the aurora borealis are the source of inspiration for Cosmos Circle’s Auras, with each Aura containing its own energetic density, and a unique frequency/vibration.

This magical kindling of the night sky at the Earth’s Poles occurs when charged particles - ejected by the Sun and carried by solar wind - fly into the Earth's magnetic field lines and collide with atoms in the upper atmosphere.
The Northern Lights - incredible manifestations of the energy of the Cosmos - have been observed for time immemorial and are associated with many myths and legends.
In antiquity, both in the West and in the East, the auroras were considered to be dragons in the sky, the dance of the spirits or even the breath of whales.
The powerful energy of the green Auroras, which form between 120 - 250 km above sea-level, is materialized through the Emerald. Originating from Southern Africa, our emeralds come from entirely traceable and ethical sources.
The powerful energy of the red Auroras, which form at an altitude of more than 250 km, is materialized through the Ruby. Our rubies are sourced directly from Greenland, the land of the Aurora Borealis (Northern lights).
The powerful energy of the Cosmos, a light of unparalleled purity, is materialized through the Diamond. Our diamonds - F VS quality - are sourced from RJC certified suppliers and respectful of the Kimberley process.
The powerful energy of the blue Auroras that form up to 90 km above sea level is materialized through the Tanzanite. Endemic to Southern Africa, our blue Sapphires come from entirely ethical and traceable sources.
Pink sapphire
The powerful energy of the pink Auroras, which form at around 100 km of altitude, is materialized through the pink Sapphire. Our pink Sapphires are sourced directly from Greenland, the land of the Aurora Borealis (Northern lights).