Power of vibration
13 June 2022

The cosmic order and the laws of nature are the foundations for harmony in our world. Living beings are an integral part of these laws, and depend on this order. Recent scientific findings build on what ancient civilisations already knew : mankind is a microcosm reflecting the macrocosm. 

Becoming conscious of these laws and implementing them concretely within ourselves is a key to living happily and healthily. In the poetic words of Nobel prize winner and physician, Hubert Reeves, “we are all made of stardust”. In other words, we all come from one and the same Source. The laws governing cosmic harmony also govern musical harmony. Everything musical has a power over living beings: sound, rhythm, tempo, resonance, intensity and melody. Equally, breath and voice are instruments of harmonisation too. At the source of languages, mantras and chants, is the harmony of the world, which humans have sought in their quest to find meaning and purpose. Understanding the power of sound, means going back to the origin: “the original cry of the earth, in its first breath of life” – the sound of the Big Bang – the creation of our Universe. Each sound, sign or symbol is a key revealing energetic treasures, feeding the heartbeat of the Universe. Breath and voice give life. 

From the East to the West, from the North Pole to the South, the power and impact of sound and music has always been recognized as quintessential. Speech was sacred – from mantras, prayers, magical formulas and spells – and these depended on the intention and love with which they were infused. Sound and voice create, transform and harmonise, taking form internally, when we produce them, and externally, when we receive them. Beyond just words, sound and voice enchant all those who come across them. Through the art of emission, they charm our bodies, our souls and our spirits, and their vibrations link them harmoniously with the Universe. Their resonance creates and develops – both in our inner selves and for the outside world – a power for the souls, bodies and spirits of living beings and of Nature. Life circulates through the sound of Wind, in the flowing of Water, in Fire that crackles, in the movement of the Earth. Becoming sources of life, carried by magical, healing, fair and genuine intention.

At the source of each celestial imprint, there is information and intention from the Universe destined for each of us. The Glyph symbol associated with the power of sound transmission allows us to uncover this intention. Your Cosmos Circle jewelry – a channel of artistic expression – is a genuine key to consciousness which answers your own frequency, and responds to your desire to elevate your consciousness. Your unique spirit is embodied in material matter – so, create what’s true to you.