Keys of wisdom

Key of Universal Consciousness

The wisdom key of universal consciousness refers to what is most sacred in each of us! We live in a world in which everything is connected, everything is One in the Universe. This Unity has no beginning and no end, it is the alliance of all that exists, of the living.
There is a Universal Consciousness from which our physical reality manifests. All the Universe, matter and energy, is created from the Universal Mind.

This wisdom invites you to love yourself, to love others, to love all kingdoms (animal, vegetable, mineral), to be in a position of conscious co-creation, to understand and feel that we are not separate from the rest, that it is possible to live unity within duality. The key to universal consciousness supports our individual responsibility in the mental construction of our reality.

Key of Connection

This wisdom key teaches us that there is an analogous replica for everything that exists on all planes of Being or Cosmic Consciousness. Everything is above as well as below, everything is within as well as without, everything that happens in the microcosm also happens by analogy, in the macrocosm. There is a correspondence between the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual realms.

We are all connected and what happens around us is a series of manifestations of collective thoughts. As we gain control of our thoughts, we become able to gradually connect to higher frequency vibrations, thus changing our physical reality.

So what you can change within you, you can by analogy, change around you as well.

Key of vibration

Everything is energy. Everything is vibration. Every object, emotion, sound, thought, desire, has its own frequency. Advances in quantum physics have confirmed that the entire universe is energy vibrating at different frequencies.
The key of vibration is the foundation of the Law of Attraction, whereby we attract to us situations and people that match our own vibration.
Consciously or unconsciously, everything we experience through our thoughts, emotions, words and actions is a transposition of the vibrations we are connected to. Negative energies attract negative energies, positive energies attract positive energies.

The law of attraction is classically presented as the door opener to all our desires. This wisdom is more indicative of what we create in our reality and what is aligned or not with our soul's plan. Any vibrational frequency, not aligned with our soul's plan, takes us off course and prevents us from manifesting our true being. Become aware of your vibration and raise it!

Key of Polarities

The key of wisdom related to the principle of Polarity states that everything is balanced, in the material world everything is duality. Hot/cold, light/dark, high/low, good/evil...Positive and negative polarities make existence possible.
Opposite poles are identical in nature but different in degree; extremes complement each other; every truth is really only half a truth; all paradoxes can be reconciled.
This key of wisdom teaches us that being aware of balance and polarities allows us to have a global vision of the situations we live, of the emotions we feel, of the states of being of the individuals with whom we share our lives (pleasure and suffering, success and failure, joy and sadness,...), and thus to take some distance, to develop our vibratory discernment and to make more accurate choices.
Understanding this wisdom opens us to the possibility of moving from one pole to another by changing our vibration and creating a better balance in our lives.

Key of rhythm/cycle

Everything that surrounds us and makes us up is in perpetual motion. Everything is cyclical, vibrates and moves according to rhythms in the universe. These rhythms are the basis of the seasons, the cycles, the stages of development and growth of living beings. Each cycle is a reflection of the energy of life. Alternating day and night, birth and death, breathing in and out, everything evolves and degenerates. Accepting these cycles, the succession in our lives of positive and negative moments, of dark periods and magnificent happiness, living with the natural rhythm of life allows us to keep faith and not to become discouraged. This wisdom explains that when we see that something is coming to an end, it is essential to let go, to welcome, to adapt to this rhythm. It is essential to stay focused on the positive in our lives. When we fail, it is important to remember that there is nothing permanent, that it is a time of transition and that something better will follow.
By using this key of wisdom, we will be able to know when to save our efforts, let go and rely on the Universe or, on the contrary, when to persevere in action and use our free will for more fluidity in our life.
The more we maintain this positive state of mind, the more we will attract to ourselves experiences of the same frequency, free of fear and frustration.

Key of Cause and effect

This key of wisdom teaches us that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Every cause has an effect, and every effect has a cause.
What we experience in our physical reality comes from our inner or mental world. This is why our thoughts have so much power. Our thoughts, words, or actions materialise over time and create an energetic consequence on our life experiences.
Be the origin of what you desire, and you will get the effect.
This key of wisdom tells us that cultivating patience and trust that our desires have been heard and will soon come to pass. There is no chance, no luck. The events that happen are the effects of causes generated by your intentions, your free will. We are masters of our lives, in the negative as well as in the positive.

Key of gender unity

The masculine and the feminine are at the base of and constitute all things, eventually merging into Unity. The masculine never exists without the feminine, so every living being has a part of both masculine and feminine and is therefore whole, complete and perfect in itself.
The wisdom of gender unity refers to the need to balance the masculine (yang) principle, associated with the Cartesian and logical, and the feminine (yin) principle, associated with intuition and sensitivity.
These qualities exist in all of Nature's creations, plants, minerals, electrons and magnetic poles, women and men. To be complete means to accept this polarity within us.
Every human being comes from the fusion of this polarity.
This wisdom key teaches us that we will achieve balance, wholeness, once we are able to recognise this polarity within us and all around us, to take care of the balance of our inner yin/yang couple and to use it to create harmony with ourselves, others, and the reality we wish to manifest.

Key of gratitude

The wisdom key of gratitude teaches us to accept and welcome each moment as a precious gift. To take the positive out of every situation, person, experience and obstacle, and to grow from it more than ever. See the good in things and focus only on that.
Recognise our opportunities and have a more positive outlook on life.
In a state of gratitude, we become happier, feel more alive.

Gratitude is not a magical thought. It does not erase misfortunes and worries, nor does it guarantee a life free from the blows of fate. Nevertheless, through regular practice, you raise your vibration, you approach life experiences differently, the more you say thank you to life, the more you can feel alive, the more you say thank you to the people around you, the more you feel carried by a benevolent and positive energy. No mystery, just a choice, to be aware of your power to create what is right/true for you.