Jewelry Care

Cleaning and Care

Every Cosmos Circle jewel is made to be worn every day and on every occasion. This is why no extraordinary maintenance is needed, especially if it is delicately handled and cleaned. Nonetheless, being a precious object, it deserves to be treated with care. It is normal for both silver and gold jewelry to lose their shine with wear and over time. The natural phenomenon of darkening, due to oxidization, is also very common to all silver or gold alloy jewelry and it can be easily cancelled by a jewellery polishing cloth or a professional cleaning if the oxidation stage is advanced. We do not recommend any kind of do-it-yourself cleaning, especially in case the item is set with precious stones, diamonds, natural stones or enriched by textile.
Stones set on a piece of jewelry are intrinsically delicate, meaning that even accidental or unnoticed bumps, as well as thermal shocks, could damage or break them. If you want to preserve your Cosmos Circle jewelry, we recommend you to minimize contact with perfumes, lotions, chemicals and salt water and store it in a clean, dry place away from any heat sources.
Care should be taken when you go to the gym, hiking, swimming or other physical activities, salt water and chlorine are no friends to jewellery.