Our universe

The designer

"Originally from Paris and a musician since I was a child, I now live in Cape Town, South Africa, in the heart of a powerful and extraordinarily rich nature. My art, based on the harmony of the Cosmos and ancestral traditions, is driven by the desire to create an opening of consciousness so that everyone can connect to their infinite potential and recreate this link to themselves, to others, to the world around us and beyond."

The glyphs

Like mathematics, astrology or music, glyphs are a symbolic language. Associated with the tangible part of the jewel, Sophie transmits through the vibration of the sound - in the manner of the sages for thousands of years - a subtle message, formulated exclusively for you. This unique frequency allows you to activate your jewel and experience what is most sacred in you.

Between Paris & Cape Town, our artisans

The human being is at the heart of Cosmos Circle creations.
All the jewels are designed and made using unique and irreplaceable know-how.
We collaborate with French goldsmiths passionate and recognized in the high jewelry, guaranteeing the manufacture of exceptional products, as well as with the craftsmen of our workshop in Cape Town.

Bespoke manufacture

Our jewelry is made to order just for you, to avoid overproduction and excess. Each of our jewels has its own language, its own history and is adorned with your subtle energies.

Cosmos Circle, Fairmined Licencee

Faced with today's challenges, Fairmined ethical gold is an innovative, positive and promising response. It is produced by artisanal mining communities on a human scale, and respects rigorous ecological standards of transparency, social commitment and environmental protection. We are committed to using this gold in almost all of our collections, with the aim of making further progress towards 100%. learn more https://fairmined.org.

Our gemstones

We source responsibly mined, traceable natural coloured stones from Greenland, Zambia and Tanzania.
Our F VS quality diamonds are sourced from certified Kimberley Process suppliers.