Sacred jewelry

Experience Yourself

My intention

Like an alchemist, more than transforming lead into gold, I recast gold into energy, create together your unique jewel to connect you to your sacred inner self, and truly embody who you are.

By harmonizing your own energy, you harmonize the universe.
What could be more powerful than creating what’s true to you?

Our creations



Antik Ga

A connecting pendant

A real talisman created just for you

Cosmos Circle offers you a new experience with this bespoke pendant that reveals your uniqueness

Connects you to your inner power and to the world around you

A gold ring of divine proportion φ guardian of your personalized GLYPH, associated with a gemstone - AURA - embodying your infinite potential, will allow you to experience what is most sacred in you


I am infinite
Earth-Water-Fire-Air-The 5th
Key of vibration
Inner Light

Conscious journey

By experiencing yourself, you expand your self-awareness.
Your awareness of belonging to a whole, your awareness of having infinite creative power,
You regain your place in the cosmic order.
Together, let’s reinvent the link to ourselves, to others, to nature, to the Universe.

Re-enchant the world together